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@ Jan 17, 2015
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We made an order they got it wrong and wouldn't send us what we asked for out! They have lost a local customer my sister in law other week they sent get cheese instead of cheese sauce and sent her new food out so they must do it all time and they wouldn't send me the food I asked for! The women asked the manager and he said they can't send us our order witch we just payed for. I will write all other the net about this and make sure other customers are aware! Your a disgrace couldn't even send us our order what WE payed for!!!!! Not happy will never EVER order from there again

@ Oct 24, 2014
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Would give 0 stars if the option was available had takeaway from these the delivery took a hour and 15 minutes after i was told 45 minutes the food was stone cold when it turned up which in my eyes is unacceptable had to heat it up in the microwave and on top of this we was charged over what had been stated on the phone won't be using these again

@ Aug 20, 2014
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