238 Finney Lane
Heald Green
Cheadle, SK8 3QD

Phone: 01614997448



  • Pizza & Beer Bundle
  • Crumpets & Lurpak Bundle

Chocolate, Sweets & Biscuits

  • Quality Street Matchmakers Mint 120g
  • After Eight 300g
  • Maltesers Fairtrade Pouch 93g
  • Milkybar White Chocolate Sharing Pouch 103g
  • M&M's Peanut 268g
  • M&M's Mix 128g
  • Haribo Tangfastics Bag 180g
  • Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles Sweets Sharing Pouch 150g
  • Cadbury Twirl Bites Chocolate Bag 109g
  • Munchies Chocolate Sharing Bag 104g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons Chocolate Bag 119g
  • KitKat Original 9 x 20.7g (186.3g)
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar 110g
  • Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolate Box 360g
  • Ferrero Rocher Box of Chocolate 16 Pieces 200g
  • McVitie's Digestives Milk Chocolate 266g
  • Co-op Irresistible All Butter Triple Chocolate Cookies 200g

Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks

  • Nescafe Azera Americano Instant Coffee 100g
  • Nescafe Gold Blend Instant Coffee 100g
  • Nescafé Original 3in1 Instant Coffee 8 x 17g (136g)
  • Nescafé Azera Americano Decaff Instant Coffee 100g
  • PG Tips Original 160 Pyramid Tea Bags 464g
  • Nescafe Azera Americano 100G
  • Nescafe Gold Smooth Instant Coffee 200g
  • Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea 160 Tea Bags 500g
  • Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate 400g
  • Options Belgian Choc 220g
  • Coca-Cola Original Taste 1L
  • Coca-Cola Original Taste 1.5L
  • Diet Coke 1.25L
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 1.25L
  • Evian Still Natural Mineral Water 750ml
  • Buxton Still Natural Mineral Water 1L
  • Buxton Still Natural Mineral Water 1.5L
  • Volvic Touch of Fruit Sugar Free Strawberry Natural Flavoured Water 750ml
  • Red Bull Energy Drink, Sugar Free, 250ml (4 Pack)
  • Red Bull Energy Drink, 250ml (4 Pack)
  • Lucozade Sport Orange 4x 500ml
  • Innocent Smoothie Strawberries & Bananas 750ml
  • Innocent Magnificent Mango Smoothie 750ml
  • Tropicana Smooth Orange Juice 950ml
  • Appletiser 100% Apple Juice 750ml
  • Shloer Red Grape Sparkling Juice Drink 750ml
  • Bottlegreen Cordial Hand-Picked Elderflower 500ml
  • Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water 500ml
  • Co-op Diet Sparkling Lemonade 2 Litre
  • Co-op Carbonated Soda Water 1 Litre
  • Co-op Indian Tonic Water 1 Litre
  • Co-op Diet Indian Tonic Water 1 Litre
  • Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water 6 x 150ml
  • Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water 1L
  • Irn-Bru 500ml Bottle

Pizza, Ready Meals and Cooked Meat

  • Co-op Irresistible Wood Fired Salami Diavola Pizza 496g
  • Co-op Irresistible Margherita Pizza 510g
  • Co-op Limited Edition Irresistible Wood Fired Truffle Salsiccia Pizza 215g
  • Co-op Irresistible Wood Fired Spinach & Ricotta Pizza
  • Co-op Irresistible Wood Fired Chicken Arrabbiata Pizza
  • Co-op Wood Fired Pancetta, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza
  • Co-op Thin & Crispy Double Pepperoni 339g
  • Co-op Thin & Crispy Margherita 325g
  • Co-op Irresistible Vintage Cheddar Mac & Cheese 350g
  • Co-op Irresistible Luxury Cottage Pie 425g
  • Co-op Chicken Kievs 325g
  • Co-op Garlic & Herb Spatchcock 1135g
  • Co-op Sliced Chicken Breast 170g
  • Co-op Classic Menu Sausage & Mash 400g
  • Co-op Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings 350g
  • Co-op Italian Beef Lasagne 400g
  • Co-op Italian Menu Chicken & Bacon Pasta Bake 400g
  • Co-op Roast Chicken Breast Fillets 230g
  • Co-op Limited Edition Mexican Half Chicken 674g
  • Co-op Hunters Chicken 400g
  • Rustlers Flame Grilled BBQ Rib 157g
  • Rustlers Flame Grilled Cheese Burger 162g
  • Rustlers Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder 190g
  • Quorn 6 Sausages 250g
  • Richmond 8 Thick Pork Sausages 454g
  • Co-op British Smoked Rindless Back Bacon 8 Rashers 300g
  • Co-op British Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon 8 Rashers 300g

Milk, Cheese & Yogurt

  • Cravendale Semi-Skimmed 2 Litres Milk
  • Cravendale Whole 2 Litres Milk
  • Co-op British Fresh Semi-Skimmed Milk 4 Pints-2.272L
  • Co-op British Fresh Whole Milk 4 Pints-2.272L
  • Co-op British Fresh Semi-Skimmed Milk 2 Pints-1.136L
  • Co-op British Fresh Whole Milk 2 Pints-1.136L
  • Co-op British Fresh Skimmed Milk 2 Pints-1.136L
  • Arla LactoFree Semi Skimmed Milk Drink 1 Litre
  • Alpro Almond Unsweetened 1ltr
  • Alpro Soya Light Drink 1L
  • Alpro Roasted Almond Unsweetened U.H.T. 1L
  • Starbucks Fairtrade DoubleShot Espresso Premium Coffee Drink 200ml
  • Starbucks Fairtrade Frappuccino Coffee Drink Mocha 250ml
  • Co-op Chocolate Milk 1L
  • Co-op Strawberry Milk 1 L
  • Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted 500g
  • Lurpak Spreadable Lighter Slightly Salted 500g
  • Clover Spreads 500g
  • Cathedral City Mature Cheddar 350g
  • Strings & Things Scarestrings Cheestrings Twisted 4 x 20g (80g)
  • Fage Total 0% Natural Fat Free Greek Recipe Strained Yoghurt 500g
  • The Collective Great Dairy Passion Fruit Gourmet Live Yoghurt 450g
  • The Collective Raspberry Gourmet Live Yoghurt 450g
  • Muller Corner Crunch 4pack 4x 135G
  • Müller Corner Strawberry and Peach Apricot Yogurts 4x 143g

Sandwiches, Crisps, Snacks & Nuts

  • Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Crisps, 200g
  • Pringles Original Crisps, 200g
  • Co-op Irresistible West Country Cheddar & Red Onion Chutney Crisps 150g
  • Co-op Irresistible Hand Cooked Sea Salt & Chardonnay Wine Vinegar Crisps 150g
  • Doritos Cool Original Tortilla Chips 150g
  • Walkers Max Strong Hot Chicken Wings Crisps 150g
  • Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps 150g
  • Co-op Sweet & Salted Popcorn 100g
  • Co-op Roasted & Salted Pistachios 150g
  • Co-op Roasted & Salted Jumbo Cashews 175g
  • Co-op Dry Roasted Peanuts 275g
  • Co-op Roasted & Salted Peanuts 275g
  • Fridge Raiders Slow Roasted Chicken Bites 60g
  • Fridge Raiders Southern Style Chicken Bites 60g

Frozen Food

  • Birds Eye 12 Chicken Dippers 220g
  • Birds Eye Original 4 Beef Burgers with Onion 227g
  • Birds Eye 10 Cod Fish Fingers 280g
  • Young's Chip Shop 4 Cod Fillets in our Crisp Bubbly Batter 400g
  • McCain The Home Chip Straight 900g
  • McCain Crispy French Fries 900g
  • McCain 2 Jackets 400g
  • Quorn Mince 300g
  • Linda McCartney's 6 Vegetarian Sausages 300g
  • Co-op Frozen British Garden Peas 800g
  • Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough 500ml
  • Ben & Jerry's Fairtrade Karamel Sutra Core 500ml
  • Co-op Irresistible Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream 500ml
  • Co-op Irresistible Yellow Passion Fruit & Mango Sorbet 500ml
  • Co-op Rainbow Uni-Cones 4x 135ml (540ml)
  • Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles Lollies 4x 65ml
  • Co-op Ice Cubes 2kg

Tins, Jars & Packets

  • Heinz Beans 415g
  • John West No Drain Tuna Steak with a Little Brine 110g
  • John West No Drain Tuna Steak MSC with a Little Sunflower Oil 110g
  • Co-op Garden Peas in Water 290g
  • Co-op Red Kidney Beans in Water 400g
  • Green Giant Original Naturally Sweet Corn 198g
  • Pot Noodle King Chicken & Mushroom Flavour 114g
  • Pot Noodle King Beef & Tomato Flavour 114g
  • Co-op Houmous 200g
  • Co-op Soured Cream & Chive Dip 200g
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup Top Down 470g
  • Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise 430ml
  • Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise 430ml
  • Heinz Salad Cream Original 425g
  • HP The Original Sauce 425g
  • Heinz Classic Barbecue Sauce 480g
  • Co-op Smooth Peanut Butter 340g
  • Co-op Crunchy Peanut Butter 340g
  • Marmite Yeast Extract 250g
  • Batchelors Super Noodles Chicken Flavour 75g
  • Co-op Irresistible Coleslaw 300g
  • Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Granulated Sugar 1kg
  • Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk 397g
  • Co-op Set Honey 454g
  • Co-op Strawberry Jam 454g
  • Co-op Fine Cut Orange Marmalade 454g
  • Co-op Salsa 200g
  • Co-op Penne Rigate 500g
  • Co-op Italian Passata 500g
  • Co-op Long Grain Rice 250g
  • Co-op Oriental Medium Egg Noodles 250g
  • Tilda Pure Microwave Basmati Rice Classics 250g
  • Uncle Ben's Special Savoury Chicken Rice 250g
  • Old El Paso Crunchy Original Tortilla Nachips 185g
  • Old El Paso Cheesy Baked Enchilada Kit 663g
  • Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix 170g
  • Bisto Gravy Granules 170g
  • Sarson's Malt Vinegar 250ml


  • Warburtons Seeded Batch 800g
  • Warburtons Toastie White 800g
  • Warburtons 6 Crumpets
  • Warburtons 6 Thins Soft White Sliced
  • New York Bakery Co. 5 The Original Bagels
  • Co-op Irresistible Chocolate Cake
  • Co-op Irresistible Carrot Cake
  • Kingsmill Soft White Bread Medium 800g


  • Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes Cereal 500g
  • Kellogg's Coco Pops Cereal 480g
  • Kellogg's Variety Pack Cereal x8
  • Kellogg's Special K Original Cereal 500g
  • Kellogg's Krave Chocolate Hazelnut 375g
  • Quaker Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Porridge Pot 57g
  • Quaker Oat So Simple Original Porridge Pot 45g


  • Andrex Classic Clean 4 Rolls
  • Tampax Compak Regular Tampons Applicator 18x
  • Bodyform Ultra Towels Normal Wings 14x
  • Always Daily's Singles Panty Liners Normal 20 Panty Liners
  • Sensodyne Sensitive Toothpaste Repair & Protect Original 75ml
  • Original Source Tingly Mint & Tea Tree Shower 250ml
  • Co-op Hand Care Aloe Vera Anti-Bacterial Handwash 250ml
  • Carex Complete Original Hand Wash 250ml
  • TRESemmé Moisture Rich Luxurious Moisture Shampoo 500ml
  • TRESemmé Moisture Rich Luxurious Moisture Conditioner 500ml
  • Nivea® Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream 75ml


  • Aptamil 1 First Baby Milk Formula from Birth 1L
  • SMA PRO First Infant Milk 1 from Birth 800g
  • SMA PRO Toddler Milk 1-3 Years 200ml
  • Co-op Size 6 16kg+ 35lb+ 19 XL Pants
  • Co-op Active Size 5-5+ 11-27kg 24-60lb 21 Junior- Junior Plus Nappies
  • Co-op Active Size 4-4+ 7-20kg 15-44lb 24 Maxi- Maxi Plus Nappies
  • Aptamil Follow On Milk 2 6-12 Months 800g


  • Felix As Good As It Looks Adult Cat Food Ocean Feasts in Jelly 12x 100g
  • Purina ONE Adult Cat Food with Chicken & Whole Grains 800g
  • Whiskas Cat Milk 200ml
  • Go-Cat Chicken with Turkey and Vegetables 1+ Years 825g
  • Bakers Allsorts 98g
  • Bakers Complete Beef Meaty Meals 1Kg
  • Gourmet Perle Turkey- Tuna- Duck- Lamb Mini Fillets 12X85g

Laundry, Cleaning & Household

  • Regina Blitz Household Towel 100 Super-Sized Sheets
  • Fairy Platinum All in One 27 Dishwasher Capsules Lemon 402g
  • Fairy Original 433ml
  • Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner 36 Wash 1.26L
  • Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser 750ml
  • Harpic Power Plus Citrus Fresh 750ml
  • Cif Cream Original with Microparticles 500ml
  • Domestos Extended Germ-Kill Original Bleach 750ml
  • Vanish Gold Carpet Care Foam 600ml
  • Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish Dust & Shine Spring Fresh 300ml
  • Co-op 15 Antibacterial Floor Wipes
  • Co-op 40 Multi-Surface Wipes Lemon
  • Co-op 10m Strong Kitchen Foil 300mm Wide
  • Co-op 4 Non-Scratch Sponges

Beers & Cider

  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro 4x 330ml
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro 620ml
  • Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider 4x 440ml Cans
  • Strongbow Original Cider 4x 440ml Cans
  • Heineken Lager Beer 4x 440ml Cans
  • Heineken 0.0 Alcohol Free Beer 4x 330ml
  • Heineken 0.0 Alcohol Free Lager Beer 330ml Can
  • Birra Moretti Lager Beer 4x 330ml Bottles
  • Stella Artois Lager Beer Cans 4x 440ml
  • San Miguel Premium Especial Original Lager Beer 660ml
  • Kopparberg Premium Cider with Strawberry & Lime 500ml
  • Kopparberg Premium Cider with Mixed Fruit 4x 330ml
  • Foster's Lager Beer 10x 440ml Cans
  • Amstel Lager Beer 4x 440ml Cans
  • Red Stripe Jamaican Lager Beer 4x 440ml Cans
  • Corona Extra 4x 330ml
  • Camden Hells Lager 330ml
  • BrewDog Punk IPA Post Modern Classic 330ml
  • BrewDog Nanny State Alcohol Free Hoppy Ale 330ml


  • Co-op Irresistible Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc 75cl
  • Co-op Fairtrade Pinot Grigio 75cl
  • Co-op Fairtrade Chenin Blanc 75cl
  • Co-op Fairtrade Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl
  • Co-op Fairtrade Chardonnay 75CL
  • Co-op Fairtrade Merlot 75cl
  • Co-op Argentinian Malbec San Juan 75cl
  • Co-op Fairtrade Carmenère 75cl
  • Co-op Fairtrade Rose 75cl
  • Calvet Limited Release Sauvignon Blanc 75CL
  • Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo 750ml
  • Monte Giove Lucido Pinot Grigio 75cl
  • Hardys Voyage Shiraz Mourvedre 75cl
  • Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
  • The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
  • Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
  • La Vieille Ferme Rose 75CL


  • Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka 70cl
  • Co-op Imperial Vodka 1L
  • Gordon's Special Dry London Gin 70cl
  • Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin 70cl
  • Sipsmith London Dry Gin 70cl
  • Whitley Neill Handcrafted Dry Gin Original 70cl
  • Absolut Vodka 700ml
  • Southern Comfort 70cl
  • Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur 70cl
  • Disaronno Liqueur 500ml
  • Jagermeister 50cl
  • Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey 70cl
  • Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey 700ml
  • The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl
  • Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky 70cl
  • Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 70cl
  • The Kraken Black Spiced Rum 70cl
  • Sierra Tequila Silver 50cl
  • Martell VS Fine Cognac 70cl
  • Malibu Caribbean Rum with Coconut Flavour Original 70cl

Tobacco & E-Cigarettes

  • Benson & Hedges Blue King Size 20 Cigarettes
  • Amber Leaf Tobacco Pouch 30g
  • Mayfair Superkings 20 Cigarettes
  • Golden Virginia The Original Includes Cigarette Papers 30g
  • JPS Players Real Red 20
  • Lambert & Butler Original Silver 20
  • JPS Players Superkings Real Red 20
  • Richmond Real Blue 20
  • Swan Extra Slim 120 Pre Cut Filter Tips
  • Rizla Regular Green 50s
  • Blu Pro Kit
  • Blu® Liquid Cherry 0.8% 10ml
  • Blu® Liquid Blueberry 1.6% 10ml


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Co-op - Heald Green

Food delivered in following postcodes in or around Cheadle:

Serving Spirits, Beer, Wines

Also known as:
Co-op - Ladybarn

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