Euston Piazza, Eversholt Street
London, NW1 2DU

Phone: 02038148659



  • teriyaki chicken rice bowl (df)
  • health & happiness (df)
  • vietnamese chicken noodles (df) BENTO OF THE MONTH
  • kombucha

Meal Deals

  • itsu's sushi bundle for 1
  • hot meal for 1
  • itsu's sushi bundle for 2
  • friends sharing selection

Sushi Boxes

  • health & happiness (df)
  • super salmon '3 ways' (df)
  • best of itsu (df)
  • veggie sushi collection (df) (ve)(v)
  • super salmon light (df)
  • sushi festival (df)
  • mixed sashimi (df)

Sushi Side Orders

  • spicy tuna dragon rolls (df)
  • dragon rolls salmon & avo (df)
  • avo baby rolls (ve) (v) (df) (gf)
  • salmon sushi (df) (gf)
  • crab california rolls (df)
  • salmon & avocado rolls (df) (gf)
  • edamame (v)(ve)(gf)(df)

[Hot] Rice Bowls

  • teriyaki chicken rice bowl (df)
  • korean bbq chicken rice'bowl (df)
  • thai chicken rice'bowl (df)
  • veggie rice'bowl & quinoa burger (df) (v) (ve)

[Hot] Udon Bowls

  • chilli chicken Udon (df)
  • veggie udon noodles (dumplings) (ve) (df)
  • ithai udon stir-fry style (df) (v) (ve)
  • chicken udon (df)

[Hot] Soups & Gyoza

  • chicken & spring onion gyoza 8 pcs
  • vegetable fusion gyoza 10 pcs (ve) (v) (df)
  • king prawn gyoza 8 pcs (df)
  • chicken noodle soup (df)
  • miso soup (v)(gf)
  • detox miso'noodle soup (df) (v) (ve)


  • vietnamese chicken noodles (df) BENTO OF THE MONTH
  • no meat mondays (v)(ve)(df)
  • salmon teriyaki 'on a bed' (df)
  • chicken teriyaki 'on a bed' (df)


  • wasabi sachet
  • large soy bottle (v)(ve)(df)
  • pickled ginger sachet (gf) (df) (v) (ve)
  • teriyaki sauce sachet (df) (v) (ve)


  • cashew’smashu (v)
  • belgian choc mousse (gf)(v)
  • white chocolate dream (gf) (v)
  • lemon zinger (gf)
  • hawaii 5.o (df)(gf)
  • little choc pot (gf) (df) (ve) (v)
  • little salted caramel pot (v) (ve) (df) (gf)
  • raw chocolate pie (df) (gf) (ve) (v)


  • seaweed thins
  • oishi bar
  • chocolate edamame (v)
  • beef twerky (gf)
  • chocolate rice cakes
  • prawn crackers


  • diet coke (330ml)
  • coke (330ml)
  • original kombucha
  • coconut water
  • itsu still water
  • san pellegrino sparkling water (500ml)
  • veg press
  • orange press


  • poached egg
  • double chicken
  • 1 x quinoa burger
  • 2 x dumplings
  • the chicken noodle soup (gf)(df)
  • detox miso'noodle soup (df) (v) (ve)
  • edamame (v)(ve)(gf)(df)
  • miso soup (gf)(df)(ve)(v)
  • diet coke
  • itsu still water
  • san pellegrino sparkling water
  • korean bbq chicken rice bowl
  • veggie sushi collection (df) (ve) (v)
  • 2x miso soup
  • 2x edamame
  • crispy seaweed thins- sea salt (gf)(df)(ve)
  • crispy seaweed thins- sweet soy (gf)(df)(ve)
  • crispy seaweed thins - wasabi (gf)(df)(ve)
  • crushed coconut & chocolate oishi bar (gf)(ve)(df)
  • glazed pecan, cashew & dates oishi bar (gf) (v)
  • cooca butter brownie oishi bar (gf) (v)
  • dark chocolate rice cakes (gf)
  • milk chocolate rice cake (gf)(v)
  • prawn crackers - salt & vinegar (gf) (df)
  • prawn crackers - wasabi (df)
  • prawn crackers - sweet chilli (gf) (df)
  • hotsu potsu sauce sachet (df) (v) (ve)

Out of Stock

  • korean bbq pork rice bowl (df)
  • quinoa falafel & veg rice bowl (ve)(v)(df)

Add on

  • 8 chicken & spring onion gyoza
  • 10 vegetable fusion gyoza (ve)(v)(df)
  • best of itsu (df)
  • super salmon '3 ways' (df)
  • health & happiness (df)
  • Vegetable fusion gyoza
  • miso soup
  • chilli chicken Udon (df)
  • veggie udon noodles (dumplings) (ve) (df)
  • korean bbq chicken rice'bowl (df)
  • teriyaki chicken rice bowl (df)
  • teriyaki chicken rice bowl (df)


  • Corporate Order 06-06


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