1 Redwood Court, Faraday Road

Nottingham, NG7 2BQ

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Freshers Bundles

  • Freshers Bundle


  • Wax On
  • Wax Off
  • Crane Kick

Bao Eat 包吃

  • Two Pork Belly Bao 叉烧肉夹馍
  • Two Crispy Duck Bao 香酥鸭夹馍
  • Two Beef Teriyaki Bao 牛肉肉夹馍
  • Two Kimchi and Pork Bao 泡菜猪肉夹馍
  • Two Mixed Vegetables Bao 蔬菜肉夹馍

Little Eat 小吃

  • Edamame 枝豆
  • Takoyaki 章鱼小丸子
  • Korokke 炸南瓜饼
  • Chicken Karaage 禾丰炸鸡块
  • Chicken Gyoza 日式鸡肉饺子
  • Vegetable Gyoza 日式素饺子
  • Kimchi 韩国泡菜

Big Soup Eat 汤吃

  • Pork Belly Ramen 叉烧汤拉面
  • Vegetable Gyoza Ramen 素饺子汤拉面
  • Miyagi Ramen 宫城汤拉面
  • Chicken Ramen 鸡肉汤拉面

Pan Fry Eat 炒吃

  • Lee Ojisan Yakisoba 李叔炒面
  • Beef Yakisoba 日式牛肉炒面
  • Mixed Vegetables Yakisoba 日式杂菜炒面
  • Chicken Yakisoba 日式鸡肉炒面

Dessert Partnerships

  • Halo Top Pint
  • Ben & Jerry's Classics
  • Magnum

Drinks 饮料

  • Ramune - Original flavour 原味 弹珠汽水
  • Ramune - Lychee Flavour 荔枝味 弹珠汽水
  • Bottled Green Tea 瓶装绿茶
  • Coke 可 乐
  • Diet Coke 健怡可 乐
  • Fanta Orange 芬达橙汁汽水


  • Chips 薯条
  • Salad 沙拉
  • Honey Wings (4 pieces)

Dessert Options

  • Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup (473ml Tub)
  • Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel (473ml Tub)
  • Halo Top Mint Chip (473ml Tub)
  • Halo Top Vanilla Bean (473ml Tub)
  • Halo Top Cinnamon Roll (473ml Tub)
  • Halo Top Chocolate Flavoured (473ml Tub)
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
  • Half Baked Ice Cream
  • Magnum White Tub
  • Magnum Almond Tub
  • Magnum Chocolate Tub


  • Yes I would like my free 2-4-1 dish

Options for Fresher Bundles

  • Edamame (枝豆)
  • Kimchi (韩国泡菜)
  • Pork Belly Ramen (叉烧汤拉面)
  • Chicken Udon (鸡肉汤乌冬)
  • Chicken Yakisoba (日式鸡肉炒面)
  • Beef Yakisoba (日式牛肉炒面)

Add wings!

  • Honey Wings (4 pieces)


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