Paddington Central, 8 Sheldon Square
London, W2 6EZ

Phone: 02072897000


Appetizers (頭盤)

  • Pearl Liang Mixed Hors D'Oeuvre (漂亮特式熱拼盤 每位) (每位) (For 2)
  • Steamed King's Scallop (蒸帶子) - Soya & Shallot (香蒜)
  • Steamed King's Scallop (蒸帶子) - Black Bean (豉汁)
  • Steamed King's Scallop (蒸帶子) - Vermicelli (粉絲)
  • Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Garlic & Chilli (椒鹽軟殼蟹) Each
  • Phoenix King Prawns with Crispy Pastry (鳳美金獅蝦)
  • Sesame Prawn Toast (芝麻蝦)
  • Lettuce Wrap (生菜包) - Seafood (海鮮)
  • Lettuce Wrap (生菜包) - Vegetable (齋)
  • Roasted Baby Squid in Szechwan Chili Spice (椒鹽吹筒)
  • Grilled Super King Prawn with Crush Garlic Soya (蒜茸煎巨蝦) Each
  • Enoki Mushroom Sirloin Beef Rolls (金菇牛柳卷)
  • Crispy Fried Seaweed (干具崧)
  • Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls (越式炸卷) - Pork & Shrimp (豬肉松 蝦肉)
  • Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls (越式炸卷) - Vegetables (齋)
  • Chicken Wings - Peppercorn Chilli (椒盬鷄翹)
  • Chicken Wings - Teriyaki Sauce (日汁煎鷄翹)
  • Chicken Skewers with Satay Sauce (Malaysian Style) (沙爹鷄串)
  • Pork Ribs - Salted Plum & Honey (酸梅香蜜骨)
  • Pork Ribs - Barbecued Honey Roasted (蜜汁燒肉排)
  • Pork Ribs - Paper Wrapped Lemongrass & Chilli (紙包焗香茅骨)
  • Pan Fried Shanghai Dumpling (生煎鍋貼) - Pork (豬)
  • Pan Fried Shanghai Dumpling (生煎鍋貼) - Vegetable (齋)
  • Salt & Pepper Silken Bean Curd (椒鹽豆腐)
  • Deep Fried Bean Curd Pastry Vegetable Rolls (脆炸素腐皮卷)


  • Hilton Still Mineral Water
  • Add Person
  • Make it Vegetarian
  • Steamed Tiger Prawns with Garlic Sauce
  • Dried Chilli & Onion (川椒)
  • Steamed with Ginger & Spring Onion (清蒸)
  • Steamed with Shou Shing Wine (花彫蒸)
  • Sashimi (Lobster) (龍蝦刺身)
  • Half
  • Half
  • Add Person
  • Half
  • Half
  • Add Person
  • Add Person
  • Hilton Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Steamed Tiger Prawns with Black Bean Sauce
  • Sautéed with Ginger & Spring Onion (油泡)
  • Steamed with Black Bean (豉汁蒸)
  • Ginger & Spring Onion (羗葱焗) (Recommend Served on Noodle Bed)
  • Steamed with Shou Shing Wine (花彫蒸)
  • Whole
  • Whole
  • Whole
  • Whole
  • Five Willow Sweet & Sour (五柳甜酸)
  • Steamed with Preserved Vegetables (冬菜蒸)
  • Black Bean Garlic & Mild Chilli (豉椒焗) (Recommend Served on Noodle Bed)
  • Ginger & Spring Onion (羗葱焗) (Recommend Served on Noodle Bed)
  • Quarter
  • Salted Egg Yolk Butter Sauce (黄金龍利卷)
  • Pan Fried with Garlic & Soya Sauce (煎封)
  • Traditional Thai Green Curry (泰式青加里)
  • Black Bean Garlic & Mild Chilli (豉椒焗) (Recommend Served on Noodle Bed)
  • Sea Bass Fillet with Szechwan Red Dried Chilli (水煮鱸魚球)
  • Garlic & Chilli Peppercorn Salt (椒鹽)
  • Traditional Thai Green Curry (泰式青加里)
  • Baked Chilean Sea Bass Fillet (煎焗銀雪魚扒)
  • Garlic & Chilli Peppercorn Salt (椒鹽)

Cold Toss (冷盤)

  • Pearl Liang Imperial Cold Mixed Hors D'Oeuvre (漂亮特式冷并) (每位) (For 2)
  • Drunken Corn Fed Chicken with Old Wine (花彫醉雞)
  • Szechwan Spice Boneless Chicken with Sesame (麻辣四川雞)
  • Jelly Fish with Sesame Toss (涼伴海蜇)
  • Garlic Marinated Smashed Cucumber (蒜香生拍黃瓜)
  • Five Spice Beef Shin (鹵水牛蹍)
  • Szechwan Hot & Spice Pork Tripe (麻辣牛百葉)
  • Faushan Pork Trotter Slices (佛山燻蹄)

Soup (湯)

  • Lobster Spinach Broth (龍蝦菠菜羹)
  • Double Boiled Squab Soup with Sea Whelks & Wolfberries (响螺杞子炖乳鴿)
  • Fish Maw Broth (海鮮魚肚羹)
  • Coriander Fish Broth (香茜魚茸羮)
  • Hot & Sour Soup (酸辣湯)
  • Won Ton Soup (雲吞湯)
  • Crabmeat Sweet Corn Soup (蟹肉粟米羹)
  • Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (雞茸栗米羹)
  • Mustard Green with Shredded Pork & Salted Egg Soup (咸蛋芥菜豆腐肉片湯) (For 2)
  • Enoki Mushroom, Wood Fungus with Mock Shark Broth (金菇木耳素翅羮)

Traditional House Specialty (特級珍品)

  • Braised Fresh Abalone with Supreme Oyster Sauce (蠔皇扒原只鮮鮑魚) Each
  • Abalone Slices with Brown Sauce on Asparagus (蠔皇鮑片扒露筍)

Duck - Pancake (鴨 - 薄餅)

  • Crispy Aromatic Duck (香酥鴨)
  • Peking Duck (北京填鴨)


  • Live Lobster Approx 600g (龍蝦 約) 600 (克)

Fresh Fish

  • Sea Bass Approx 600g (鱸魚 約) 600 (克)
  • Wild Turbot Approx 700g (多寶魚 約) 700 (克)

Dover Sole

  • Dover Sole Approx 700g (骨香龍脷 約) 700 (克)

Seafood (海鮮)

  • Royal Seafood Treasure Clay Pot (品海皇煲)
  • King’s Scallop with Kale in Black Truffle Sauce (黑松露闌度炒帶子)
  • Sizzling King Prawns in Mandarin Sauce (鐵板西汁蝦球)
  • Sizzling King Prawns in Black Bean & Chilli Sauce (鐵板豉汁蝦球)
  • Steamed Tiger Prawns with Garlic or Black Bean Sauce (蒜茸或豉汁蒸蝦)
  • King Prawns with Walnut (合桃水晶蝦)
  • King Prawn in Szechwan Garlic & Chilli Sauce (四川蝦球)
  • Sautéed King Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk (黃金蝦球)
  • Sautéed King Prawns with Dried Chilli & Onion (川椒蝦球)
  • Sweet & Sour King Prawns with Pomegranate (石榴咕嚕蝦)
  • Sautéed Mixed Seafood in XO Spicy Sauce (極品醬爆三鮮)
  • Pan Fried King Prawns with Wasabi & Black Sesame (日式芥味蝦球)
  • Stuffed Prawn Paste in Three Kind Vegetables with Black Bean Sauce (豉汁煎釀三寶)

Poultry (雞-鴨)

  • Signature Barbecued Roasted Duck (明爐燒鴨) Quarter
  • Signature Barbecued Roasted Duck (明爐燒鴨) Half
  • Signature Barbecued Roasted Duck (明爐燒鴨) Whole
  • Emperor Chicken (東江鹽焗雞) Half
  • Emperor Chicken (東江鹽焗雞) Whole
  • Stuffed Crispy Boneless Chicken with Prawn Paste (龍皇炸子雞) Half
  • Stuffed Crispy Boneless Chicken with Prawn Paste (龍皇炸子雞) Whole
  • Roasted Sesame Chicken in Garlic Flavour (芝麻蒜香雞) Half
  • Roasted Sesame Chicken in Garlic Flavour (芝麻蒜香雞) Whole
  • Sizzling Chicken in Black Bean & Chilli Sauce (鐵板豉汁雞片)
  • Chicken with Dried Chilli & Onion (川椒雞球)
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken with Pomegranate (石榴咕嚕雞)
  • Chicken with Salted Fish & Bean Curd in Clay Pot (咸魚雞粒豆腐煲)

Pork (豬肉)

  • Barbecued Whole Suckling Pig (鴻運乳豬全體)
  • Roasted Crispy Pork (冰燒三層肉)
  • Barbecued Pork - Char Shui (蜜汁义燒)
  • Szechwan Double Cook Pork Belly, Leek & Bamboo Shoot (四川回鍋肉)
  • Stewed Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables (梅菜扣肉)
  • Braised Pork with Premium Soya & Wine (紅燒東坡肉)
  • Pan Fried Minced Pork with Salted Fish (咸魚煎肉餅)
  • Sautéed French Bean with Minced Pork Sichuan Style (干煸四季豆)
  • Sweet & Sour Pork with Pomegranate (石榴咕嚕肉)

Beef (牛肉)

  • Sizzling Beef Fillet with Fruity Mandarin Sauce (鐵板中式牛柳)
  • Sizzling Beef Fillet with Black Bean & Chilli Sauce (鐵板豉汁牛柳)
  • Thin Cut Sirloin Beef with Szechwan Red Dried Chilli (川式水煮肥牛)
  • Crispy Shredded Beef in Spicy Red Hot Sauce (干炒牛肉絲)
  • Stewed Beef Goulash with Clear Soup (潮洲清湯牛腩)
  • Beef Sirloin with Black Pepper Honey Sauce (黑椒蜜汁牛柳)
  • Stir Fried Beef Fillet Slices with Assorted Fresh Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce (芹香雜菌炒牛仔肉)

Bean Curd (豆腐)

  • Enoki Mushroom & Silken Bean Curd with Crabmeat Sauce (蟹肉金菇扒日本滑豆腐)
  • Minced Pork with Olive Vegetable on Silken Bean Curd (欖菜肉松扒日本滑豆腐)
  • Stuffed Bean Curd with Prawn Paste in Oyster Sauce (煎釀豆腐煲)
  • Braised Crispy Bean Curd in Brown Sauce (琵琶豆腐)
  • Ma Po Bean Curd (麻婆豆腐)
  • Sautéed Bean Curd with Assorted Mushroom in Black Bean Sauce (豉汁爆雜菌豆腐)

Vegetables (素菜)

  • Taro Dome with Monk Vegetables (佛砵漂香)
  • Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce (蒜茸炒雜菜)
  • Sautéed Shredded Potato with Szechwan Chilli & Vinegar (醋椒土豆絲)

Seasonal Vegetables (時菜)

  • Pak Choy (白菜)
  • Spinach (波菜)

Noodles (麵)

  • Mixed Seafood Fried Crispy Noodle (海鮮炒麵)
  • Assorted Vegetable Fried Crispy Noodle (素菜炒麵)
  • Fried Ho Fun with Beef (乾炒牛河粉)
  • Fried Malaysian Kweitio with Prawn (馬來亞貴刁)
  • Singapore Fried Vermicelli (星洲炒米粉)
  • Grilled Chicken Fillet on Rice Vermicelli with Tom Yum Soup (泰式燒雞冬陰湯米線)
  • Phad Thai (Traditional Sweet Spicy Rice Stick with Prawns & Peanut) (泰式蝦炒河)
  • Beef Goulash on Rice Vermicelli with Clear Soup (清湯牛腩米線)
  • Braised E-Fu Noodle with Seafood (乾燒伊麵)
  • Pan Fried Noodle with Bean Sprout (豉油皇炒麵)

Rice (飯)

  • Baked Seafood Rice with Abalone Oyster Sauce for 2 Person (鮑汁焗海鮮飯)
  • Seafood on Fried Rice with Brown Sauce (Fook-Kan Style) 2 Person (福建炒飯)
  • Fried Rice with Foie Gras, Garlic Shoot & Olive Crush (鵝肝蒜心欖菜炒飯 每位) (For 2)
  • Salted Fish with Chicken Fried Rice (咸魚雞粒炒飯)
  • Baked Lotus Leaf Rice with King Prawns (鮮蝦荷葉飯)
  • Fried Rice with Dried Scallop & Egg White (蛋白瑤柱炒飯)
  • Special Fried Rice with Shrimps & Pork (楊洲炒飯)
  • Egg Fried Rice (蛋炒飯)
  • Steamed Rice (絲苗白飯)

Extras (付價費)

  • Pancake 6pc
  • Cucumber & Spring Onion
  • Lettuce 6pc
  • Hoisin Sauce
  • Satay Sauce
  • Curry Sauce
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce
  • Chilli Oil
  • Chilli Sauce
  • Soya Sauce
  • Fresh Chopped Chilli
  • Chilli, Garlic & Soya Sauce
  • Prawn Cracker

Soft Drinks

  • Coke (Can 330ml)
  • Diet Coke (Can 330ml)
  • 7 Up (Can 330ml)
  • Bottled Mineral Water (750ml)


  • Tsingtao
  • Asahi
  • Tiger


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